Monday, October 5, 2009

Our first expeditions into UVA

I'm going to send a shout-out to James, who's enthusiasm for this project has enabled us to go out TWICE! And my worrisome and perfectionist nature has neglected informing the world of these two events.

The first time was in September and we wandered through the university and ended up at a local strip of restaurants nearby. While wandering through campus we were asked our first question, "How do you get to O-Hill?" and we knew the answer! Ok, so not quite what we were looking for, but we were both estactic about it. Once at our destination we sat for a while and waited and prayed. We had a nice Episcopal couple stop by and encourage us in sharing the faith (but they had no questions). Then we had a young man stop by and ask us about the health care bill and why the bishops were against abortion being included...but he only wanted to pick a fight and after cursing at us walked away before we could give an answer.

After coming back and praying for those who stopped we (meaning I) analyzed what we could do better. It appears that wearing the same color t-shirt helps the group get noticed. Also, being stationary seemed to encourage people to stop by.

The second time we was this past Monday when we went to the dining hall. There we claimed a table and one of us would stand while the other sat. The hardest part about this venture is when no one asks you a question! You have this urge to share the truth and no one is stopping, but it was to teach me a lesson...

So I'm analyzing things and wondering what else we could do/not do and James, as he told me later, started to pray that a young lady walking by would stop. And therein was the missing piece, for I was not praying and trusting God to lead to us those who he wanted. She actually stopped and we had a long and wonderful conversation with her. She didn't really have a question initially, except that she was pointing out that she didn't feel welcome in the church as a liberal.

Pray for her, and pray for us as we continue to venture out onto the grounds to share the Truth.

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