Wednesday, July 1, 2009

What is AACAQ?


While teaching a class while the Director of Campus Ministry at Texas Tech on evangelization, Marcel LeJeune asked his students if they would be willing to go onto campus with t-shirts that said “I am Catholic – ask me a question” and they agreed. He then brought this program to Texas A&M, where it has flourished. It has now spread to the University of Kansas and several other schools are planning on starting it as well.

The AACAQ ministry at UVA, while nascent in the summer of 2009, will be starting the fall of 2009.

Update: see also the complete history of AACAQ.


Teams of three or more commit to at least one hour per week during the semester. For our group here at UVA, there are several individuals who want to take it out into the town as well, visiting the outdoor mall or other popular locations.

These individuals would go through an initial training session where they learn what evangelization is and the basic do's and don't's. There is also a monthly meeting to go over difficult questions from the last month, role play different scenerios, review current issues and topics, and continue to learn and grow in the faith through study.

Once trained they are sent out to bring the Good News to the world with this non-confrontational witness. Through our prayer, words and actions, may the Lord pour out his blessings upon us and the whole world!


  1. This is a great idea! I should mention it to someone who would be able to act on it...

  2. Yea, that was my first thought too, only problem is no one wanted to be able to act on it except me ;)